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Plan For Implementing Small-Scale Stand Alone PV Systems In Rural Thailand
Image Gallery

Team member Charles McAuley took many roles of film during our project in Thailand. The image gallery splits them into categories for easier viewing.
To learn more about the Karen people, visit
Worcester Polytechnic Institute is one of the best undergraduate science and engineering schools in the United States. Known for their project-based curriculum, called the WPI Plan, they send more than 1/3 of their undergraduate students abroad.
Home Power Magazine
Home Power magazine is the Hands-on Journal of Home-Made Power. If you are interested in: making your own electricity from renewable energy, alternative vehicles, or finding out the latest in related technologies and life-styles, then this publication can keep you up to date.
Contact the Team Members

Andrew, Chuck, Greg, and Justin would be happy to answer any questions regarding their project and this website. You may also request a copy of our report.

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